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We own two RIBs, from which the majority of our diving takes place.

We hold annual boat familiarisation training sessions for all new members at our boat shed in Eastleigh, to ensure that they are comfortable and familiar with how the boats operate, before they start going on club diving trips.

Use of boats is granted to appropriately qualified and experienced club members who have a recognised boat handling qualification from BSAC or the RYA, or are considered by committee members to have an appropriate level of boat handling experience. The Dive Manager does not necessarily need to be a qualified Boat Handler, as long as two other members of the dive team are!

We encourage all members to complete their BSAC Boat Handling qualification or equivalent, if/when they feel comfortable doing so. The RIBs are part and parcel of club diving, and familiarity with how they function is important when participating in, or managing your own diving trips.

Each RIB is equipped with GPS, VHF radio, fish-finder, flares, and other safety equipment such as O2 equipment and a first aid kit. Each boat has a boat box that is kept by the Boat Officer, containing items such as the GPS, fish finder and the boat keys. When a boat is requested, the Dive Manager or their nominee collects the boat box from the Boat Officer.

At the end of a dive trip, a boat equipment maintenance list is completed on the dive log sheet, and a copy is passed to the Boat Officer along with the boat box as soon as possible after the trip. This ensures that any fault or maintenance issues are promptly brought to the attention of the Boat Officer, so they can ensure that they are safe and ready for the next users.

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