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What lies beneath – The “O” Wreck Project

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Back in 1995, club members Bob Durant and Pete Attwood first dived an enigmatic wreck of unknown origin, 11 miles south of Chichester Harbour After recovering a brass letter O on that initial dive, our first piece of evidence was uncovered, and the mystery of the “O” Wreck was born.

Fast forward 18 years to 2013, and Eastleigh Sub Aqua club members picked up the trail again with the help of the BSAC Southern Region. The Southern Region put forward a proposal to explore some unknown sites along the South Coast and were looking for BSAC branches to take part in this ambitious project. Following a successful grant application, our club members were provided with training in project and underwater survey management, together with a basic set of survey equipment. Eastleigh Sub Aqua Club selected the “O” wreck, designated number 11 – 19949, as the subject for the project.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to discover more about the survey and our findings.

For a more detailed dive into the survey, settle down with a cuppa and have a read of our report – What Lies Beneath.

UPDATE – After our initial survey, we went back for another go in 2016! A few tangled tape measures, some dubious donkey boiler diagrams, and a brass D later, we were another step closer to finding out the name of our mystery vessel, and the circumstances in which she sank. The investigation continues ….

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