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Easter Bank Holiday Diving 2022 – Falmouth

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We went diving for four days out of Mylor yacht harbour near Falmouth on the Easter weekend.

We dived off the hard boat Moonshadow complete with newly installed dive lift which was a welcome addition.

We had the following dives over four days leaving the harbour at 10am each day.  The weather was overcast but mostly dry, with some sunshine each day and crucially the wind was low.

First day we dived West Stoner’s reef (22m) on a drift dive which had plenty of crustaceans and fan corals, my dive buddy and I saw a large red and white striped pipe fish as well.

On the second day we dived a wreck called the Volnay in approx. 20m.  It had two large intact boilers and plenty of wreckage leading to the bow.

The second dive on day two was Pencra reef, another drift dive in 20 to 25m of water with 4 metre deep canyons covered in neon (pink, yellow and green) jewel anemone’s.

On day three in the morning we dived the cannonball site (18m), a drift dive over a wreck which has plenty of cannonballs still on the seabed.  The site had lots of crustaceans and scallops over the area, so plenty to look at, we even saw two dogfish.

The second dive on day 3 was a wreck called the Epsilon (22m) which was quite spread out due to having been blown up a couple of times to ensure it did not pose a danger to shipping.  However the boilers were intact and one was even home to a huge conger eel.

The last dive on the Monday morning was a drift dive on quite a fast tide which made for an invigorating dive, followed by the drive back home in the Easter Monday traffic to round out the weekend.

Falmouth main town and docks:

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