We welcome complete beginners through to qualified divers from any diving organisation. We do encourage already qualified members to join BSAC as they then have third party insurance, and they can continue training with our club; however we would not exclude any qualified divers as long as they had appropriate third party insurance.

The club has a common renewal date for membership of the 1st of April. Fees can be paid by direct debit, however BSAC take their membership as a one off payment in the first months instalment. All new members pay the training fees up front but can pay annual fees and BSAC subs by direct debit. All members not renewing within 2 months of the renewal date will no longer be members of the Club and all benefits will be withdrawn.

All members are provided with a membership list detailing contact details. This should be kept and disposed of in a  responsible manner. A further current list can be provided on request from the membership secretary.

The Membership fees are provided on our website from the ‘Learn to Dive Page’ and also via the blog.

Social Membership

An alternative form of membership for people who just want to use the pool and attend social events.