Easter bank holiday 2016 – Its time for the annual trip to Plymouth.

This year’s Easter bank holiday saw two boatloads of members haring off to Plymouth for a long weekend of diving… well, hopefully some diving, the weather forecast was far from inspiring!

The Mount Batten Watersports and Activities centre was our base of operations for the trip, and deserves a special mention – excellent cooked breakfast every morning, hot showers and warm rooms at a price Scrooge couldn’t sneeze at. Nice choice Pete!

With 14 dives logged by the club over the course of the weekend – the majority taking place on the Friday – it’s safe to say that Storm Katie took a dislike to divers this Easter. Fortunately, we managed to fill the trip with other BSAC approved diving activities.

Activities such as visiting the aquarium, Plymouth gin distillery and going to the pub! The Easter trip was a great success as a social jolly, with our time spent wandering aimlessly, eating far too much, and for some of us, facing the consequences of a drink too many (however, I still maintain it was the steak).

Bring on the next trip!